Regenerative Medicine

Autologous Cellular Therapies

Soft tissue inflammation and musculoskeletal conditions can cause ongoing lameness problems, chronic pain, and an overall reduction in a horse’s performance. Autologous cell therapy is at the forefront of the cell and gene therapy revolution developed to address these issues. In this type of regenerative medicine, Dr. Burke collects cells from an individual equine patient using sterile procedure, processes them ex vivo and then returns them to the same patient. Burke Equine utilizes the ProVet APC system, which combines these three different therapies in one treatment:
ProVet PRP

ProVet PrP (platelet-rich plasma) is currently the most highly sought-after regenerative system for equine athletes, facilitating the healing process through the injection of concentrated platelets to the affected site. The growth factors found in platelets both reduces recovery time and facilitates more effective healing results.


IRAP, or interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein therapy, is commonly used to address lameness issues such as osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, synovitis, and degenerative joint disease (DJD). IRAP therapy, when used early enough, can prevent such issues from causing more permanent long-term damage. At Burke Equine, this therapy is frequently paired with shockwave therapy to stimulate cell regeneration, prevent future inflammation, and promote overall recovery.


Autogenous Protein Solutions (APS) is a newer therapeutic option primarily used to treat osteoarthiritis (OS), and provides important benefits in early stages of OA, slowing down the arthritic process occurring within the joint.