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I am writing to you to tell you how my, and my horse Tamale’s experience with Burke Equine absolutely exceeded all expectations.  You see, Tamale had colic surgery and as expected it took a big toll on her.  She lost a lot of weight, what seemed like all her muscle, and especially that light in her eyes. She was definitely struggling to come back from this ordeal.  It was decided by myself, her surgeon (Dr. Travis Tull) and Dr. Burke that rehabilitation would be the best thing for her.

Lynn Granger


In first meeting Dr. Burke and seeing his facility I was very comfortable in making the decision to move forward with rehabilitation.

Tamale’s accommodations made her extremely comfortable at the facility.  She started work on the AquaPacer. She was started slow with gradual increase in speed and water height.  She was also turned out for a couple hours a day allowing her to be “a horse” again.

Week by week I saw a gradual improvement in Tamale’s appearance. She started gaining weight and the muscle started to build.

Tamale also suffered from extreme back pain prior to her colic surgery. The AquaPacer helped strengthen that as well, along with the help of Annie O’Brion’s great massages and stretching exercises.

In the end Tamale’s transformation was amazing.  I felt confident that I had my horse back.  The brightness came back to her eyes.Dr Burke and his entire staff were simply amazing through this whole process, both to Tamale and myself. They were always ready to listen to my concerns. We were both treated with great compassion and respect.  Tamale’s care was beyond exceptional. Our decision to do this for Tamale was the best one we could have made for her.

I have sent four competition dressage horses to spend time with Dr. Burke: two post surgical rehabs, one laminitis and one sports injury. I am certain that the care and treatment received at Burke Equine played a significant role in the successful outcome for each of these horses. The top condition they were in upon completion of their stay is not something I could ever have replicated myself. The Aquapacer, cold salt water therapy spa, and 24/7 supervision at Burke Equine elevate the healing process to a far superior level.

Kristin Grosso


Dr. Stowe Burke is incredibly dedicated to the horses in his care and is passionate about his work – this is apparent in the way he runs his outstanding equine rehabilitation facility. Dr. Burke is highly detail-oriented and shows a great deal of concern for every individual horse; the same holds true for each member of the staff, who are all exceedingly competent, and also very compassionate, both to the horses and to the owners. I also love that the barn is kept quiet and peaceful. During my frequent visits to Burke Equine, I always found my horses were very calm and happy.

I highly recommend Dr. Burke and his team to anyone who needs equine rehabilitation services. Our experiences have all been perfect. My horses have all had successful outcomes and are back in work and competing.

In May of 2017, my 11 year old Hanoverian was injured while playing in her paddock. She suffered a deep bone bruise to her left hoof that was going to require a good length of time off from her hunter career. Having been in the horse racing business for four years and familiar with the services of Burke Equine Rehab , I immediately made a few calls to some of the trainers in New York to obtain their feedback. They all spoke very highly of Dr Burke’s services and facility, and I knew sending my mare upstate was the best choice for her to rehab.

Nicole Katz


The program Dr Burke and his team has is next to none. Contrary to the traditional belief that stall rest cures all, my thoughts were to ensure that my horse was able to rehab in a controlled environment where she was not stuck in a stall all day. Not only is that emotionally challenging for any horse, but it is much more difficult to come back from a lay-up.

My goals were to keep her happy, engaged, and in a program to continue to strengthen her muscles, while allowing her to heal. Dr Burke and his staff ensured that her rehab included time to rest, as well as workouts on the water treadmill, among other therapeutic treatments, which allowed her to retain her muscle tone while rehabbing.

Dr Burke also recommended some shoe changes which tremendously improved my horse’s condition and ultimately sped up her recovery. His insight, openness and full transparency throughout the process were incredible. Dr Burke loves horses and his commitment to providing top notch care shows. I would highly recommend Dr Burke to any horse owner regardless of the horse’s discipline. I can honestly speak for my horse when I say she was sad to leave his care and the beautiful facility.